Call for artists

Closed May 31st!

“Hotel Wonderland” is an innovative form of meaningful, immersive entertainment. We believe people desire more connection, more magic, and more openness in their lives, and are willing to explore new experiences that incite these principles.

We are planning to build this immersive experience in a fixed, indoor location in The Netherlands, within the coming year. This call for co-creators is aimed at “experience creatives” who share our intentions and are interested in pushing and breaking genre-boundaries.


Connection, magic, intuition and openness are the core themes for Hotel Wonderland. Part of the experience will consist of guests wandering around freely in a large indoor space for several hours, interacting with lots of different experiences/installations around these themes.

Who are we looking for?

Within the world of Hotel Wonderland we have room for 10-20 independent artists to transform a part of the space into a meaningful, immersive and/or interactive installation inspired by our poetic DNA. Installation artists working with visuals, space, interaction, sound, paper, light, story, decor, technology, actors, video, interior design, etc.  from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply and start a conversation with us.

Who are we?

This is the first initiative of trio Raymond Klompsma (founder, Michel Groenenstijn (Studio XD) and Tristan Hupe-Guimarães (Sherlocked). We have a lot of shared experience in entrepreneurship, innovation and experience design. What binds us is our desire to create meaningful experiences, our attention for detail in the full spectrum of a project, and our goal of reaching a very wide audience.

What stage are we in?

We are reaching out to you at an early stage, in order to allow true meaningful co-creation on an artistic level. We have developed a conceptual framework, creating a metaphorical playground with flexible fences, to explore together. We would like to generate initial inspiration around our core themes and start creating the content for the experience together.

What are we expecting from artists at this point?

We would like to hear your inspiration on the core themes. What ideas for immersive, interactive, contemplative, fun, inspiring, beautiful installations or settings or spaces come to mind? Anything you’ve worked on already, or new ideas you’d want to develop? We will give more detailed information about our vision, poetic DNA and the framework in our conversations, but we’re allowing the creative space to be as open as possible right now.


We will handle your creative capital respectfully and thoughtfully, and we will only use your original ideas if we end up collaborating in this project.

Our Call for Artists has closed May 31st. Thank you for your overwhelming response!

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